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As an grownup i wished to extend my vocabulary and this has been an excellent ebook for that objective. i might definately reccomend.

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501 Vocabulary Questions (Skill Builder in Focus)

As an grownup i needed to extend my vocabulary and this has been an outstanding booklet for that objective. i might definately reccomend.

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He thinks he can just ________ everyone he meets, but not everyone falls for that kind of flattery. 93. His flagging spirits were ________(ed) by the news that a publisher had accepted his manuscript. 38 501 Vocabulary Questions 94. Once a month, I spend a Saturday afternoon ________(ing) my silverware. 95. Saul ________(ed) every remark that Bernadette made, and she grew weary of his interruptions. 96. Her career as a dancer was ________(ed) because of a skiing accident. 97. The strike was ________(ed) by last-minute concessions by management.

The enormity of the task), but this is considered an incorrect use of the word. exculpate (eks· kul·payt) v. to free from blame, to clear from a charge of guilt. When Anthony admitted to committing the crime, it served to exculpate Marcus. malfeasance (ma˘l· fee·za˘ns) n. misconduct or wrongdoing, especially by a public official; improper professional conduct. The city comptroller was found guilty of malfeasance and removed from office. miscreant ( mis·kree·a˘nt) n. a villain, criminal; evil person.

Angelo’s churlish remarks made everyone at the table uncomfortable and ill at ease. circumspect ( sur·ku˘m·spekt) adj. cautious, wary, watchful. The captain was circumspect as he guided the boat through the fog. craven ( kray·ve˘n) adj. cowardly. “This craven act of violence will not go unpunished,” remarked the police chief. diffident ( dif·i·de˘nt) adj. lacking self-confidence; shy and timid. Alan’s diffident nature is often misinterpreted as arrogance. gregarious ( re˘· air·i·u˘s) adj. 1. seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable.

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