By John Mesina

"Scorpio: October 23 - November 22. The Scorpion.

Energetic, self sufficient, passionate, decided, with willing likes and dislikes.

Answers to 86 lifestyles questions about wealth, luck and happiness. comprehend thyself and your appropriate mate. Be guaranteed of your future."

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Smart talk: Scorpio’s verbal advantage 39. Scorpio’s irresistible romantic powers 40. How Scorpio makes more money 41. Powerful secrets of Scorpio 42. Scorpio’s powers of attraction 43. How to recapture your Scorpio youth 44. Are you in the right location for love, money and success 45. Love secrets of the water signs 46. How sincere is your Scorpio lover? 47. What makes Scorpio naturally irresistible? 48. Scorpio’s instant keys to a better memory 49. How Scorpio can create more time 50. Making maximum use of your Scorpio traits to get ahead faster!

But you also possess great emotional depth. Often you protect your deep feelings with such secrecy that a prospective amor may find it very difficult to discover the real you. Your ideal mate, however, will be attuned to you through powerful intuition, not needing words to sense your feelings and moods. Though you’re often drawn to partners you can dominate, you’ll be happier in the long run with someone who can stand up to you – and who is not overly sensitive to the Scorpio sting. A sensuous, romantic individual who finds you thrilling, but not forbidding, is ideal.

Billy Graham. You also have what it takes to become a pioneering adventurer like Daniel Boone or Admiral Richard Byrd. And if you pursue your knack for comedy, you’ll find yourself in the company of such Scorpio wits as Will Rogers, Art Carney and Johnny Carson. Whatever you do, you are more positive-minded and idealistic than most people realize and uniquely able to evoke a smile or a laugh. You won’t fail if you follow your highest and best instincts. 23 Scorpio’s fountain of creativity! You have what it takes to be a creative genius, Scorpio, a penetrating mind, deep insight into the mysteries of life and a rapier wit that cuts right to the chase.

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