By U.S. Marine Corps, 2 Lt Robert Emmet USMCR

A quick background of the eleventh Marines is a concise narrative of the actions of the regiment on the grounds that its preliminary association. reputable documents and acceptable old works have been utilized in compiling this chronicle, that's released for the data of these attracted to the background of these occasions within which the eleventh Marines participated.

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33 6) Ever Marine, regardless of his rank, primar y MOS; or job, is essentially an infantryman when it comes . . (42) Meanwhile, in the States, the rest of the lst Marine Divisio n was preparing to mount out, a job that proved to be practicall y an administrative miracle . The fact that the job got don e testifies to the ability of Marines to work very long hours at : very tedious jobs to get a task done when the chips are down . As far as the individual Marine was concerned, from the momen t he entered the gates .

W . Lads Publishing Company, 1967) . 51 APPENDIX I COMMANDING OFFICERS, 11th MARINES LtCol Col 3 Jan 1918 - 31 Jul 191 8 1 Aug 1918 11 Aug 191 9 George Van Orden George Van Orden REGIMENT DEACTIVATED 11 AUG-1919 REGIMENT REACTIVATED 9 MAY 192 7 LtCol Col LtCol 9 May 1927 - 18 May 192 7 19 May 1,927 - 30 Jun 192 7 1 Jul 1927 - 30 Jul 192 7 Arthur J . O'Leary Randolph C . Berkeley Arthur J . O'Leary REGIMENT DEACTIVATED 31 JUL 1927 REGIMENT REACTIVATED 7 JAN 192 8 Col 7 Jan 1928 - 19 Aug 192 9 Robert H .

On 16 February, the Marines started on a ', new offensive alon g with U . S .. Army . ' They moved •t o. the town of Chungju by : truck and rail at the start of Operation KILLER . in direct support respectively, led the attack on Wonju on 21 ' February . , 11th Marines engaged in a . lot o f 'counterbattery fire as Chinese artillery attempted to break th e attack of the 1st Marines . On 1 March, . the 1st Marine Division was ordered to secure a ridgeline running east and west, nort h of Hoengsong .

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