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My mother always saved the feet of the chickens and made a delicious broth with them. " The women made salami, blood sausage, and head cheese, which could be kept for extended periods of time. Once a year the men made wine with the grapes from their vineyards. Breakfasts were simple. "Lots of times we'd just have big bowls of coffee and milk with crackers and cheese," Mrs. Sertich said. But other meals were considerably more substantial. "Sometimes the boarders would go out hunting and bring back game for Mama to cook.

Unfortunately, the subjects on the Party Line became overly controversial. `Running the show as a peacemaker was giving me ulcers and the station fits,' Billie remembers. So it was taken off the air. "Up until her retirement in February 1987, `The Billie Oakley Show' included a half-hour segment for listeners who would like to call in. They were still welcome to express their opinions though most callers preferred to discuss recipes rather than solve the problems of the world. "`It's a lot easier on my stomach and KMA has fewer fits,' Billie comments.

We'd run those stalks through a long pan that was metal on the bottom and wooden on the sides. Then we'd let it cook down for three or four days. " "I tell you, there's nobody that knows how to make `soppin' biscuits' like my wife," Floyd said matter-of-factly. " Gladys made the sop by adding a little milk and cream from their dairy cow to the drippings left over from ham and eggs. At night she'd sometimes make a fancier variation by serving creamed pheasant over biscuits. "Just about all of us around here like to cook," Maud Stroup said.

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