By Keith Tribe, Hiroshi Mizuta

This can be a severe bibliography of Adam Smith. It takes as its place to begin the Vanderblue selection of Smithiana held by means of the Kress Library and its accompanying released catalogue. This bibliography updates undefined, which purely had a truly restricted unique circulate. the matter with Adam Smith isn't one in all attribution however the re-shaping of his paintings by way of the accompanying statement and notes or the impression of translation and abridgement. This serious bibliography hopes to deliver order to this strategy. a list of all versions with information in their salient issues supplies an summary of the serious paintings on Smith as a number one member of the Scottish Enlightenment.

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Malthus, who was brought to bed this morning before her time, but is now happily pretty well. Should the present offer that you have received or any other, make you wish to alter your plans, I beg that you will not consider yourself as tied by anything that has passed between us. I am Dear Sir etc. In the advertisement, the last paragraph and the manner in which the French economists are spoken of do not give a very favourable impression. The style is not very correct, and is written without punctuation; but such little errors may be easily mended.

Sher, The Enlightenment and the Book: Scottish Authors and Publishers in Eighteenth-Century Britain, Ireland, and America, forthcoming, as well as M. Pollard, A Dictionary of Members of the Dublin Book Trade 1550–1800, (Bibliographic Society, London 2000), esp. 114. The twenty booksellers listed in the imprint are: [Henry or William] Whitestone, [Dillon] Chamberlaine, W[illiam] Watson, [James] Potts, S[amuel] Watson, [James II or Peter] Hoey, [James] Williams, W[illiam] Colles, [William] Wilson, [Thomas] Armitage, [Thomas] Walker, [Richard] Moncrieffe, [Caleb] Jenkin, [William] Gilbert, [Edward] Cross, [Michael] Mills, [William] Hallhead, [Thomas Todd] Faulkner, [John] Hillary, and [Isaac or John] Colles.

3 Pages 65 and 66 are mostly taken up with a long footnote by Buchanan in which he complains of Smith’s ‘capital mistakes’ in respect of the value of silver. Fn. c) on p. ’ Likewise Playfair’s laboured efforts to distance Smith from the Physiocrats are rejected, instead emphasis is placed on the purity of their views and Smith’s admiration for them. ‘Life of Dr. Adam Smith’ in A. Smith, An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, 3 vols, (William Creech, Edinburgh 1806) p. xxiii.

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