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An Edo-English Dictionary

Edo, often known as Bini, is the language spoken via a few million humans in and round Benin urban in Nigeria. it's the lanuage of the previous Benin state, well-known for its paintings.

There exist Edo-English dictionaries: this publication and

* Melzian, Hans - A Concise Dictionary of the Bini Language of Southern Nigeria, 1937.

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* Ebohon, Osemwegie - Agbon-izeloghomwan Kevbe Ehengbuda, 1974

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Bed and board ; esp. e. lodging and food: C. 15–20, but a cliché only in C. 19–20. A dictionary of Clichés 32 bed of roses, a ; usually, no bed of roses, a far from comfortable resting-place or position, a most unpleasant employment: mid C. —Cf. the obsolete bed of down. *bee in one’s bonnet, a ; esp. to have a… To be a crank about something: C. 18–20. Semi-proverbial. A bee so placed, excites and flusters the person. beer and skittles ; esp. *not all beer and skittles. Self-indulgence and amusement: mid C.

Suitable arrangements) have been made . There have been preparations; it is prepared: late C. 19–20. A dictionary of Clichés 18 artful deceiver, an . A cunning wheedler (or attractive swindler); often jocular: mid C. 19–20. Applied only to men. as a matter of fact . In point of fact: C. 19–20. Usually the prelude to a lie—or, at best, an evasion. as a matter of form . As a piece of routine; merely routine: C. 20. ’ A matter of form, ‘a mere formality’, is likewise a cliché. as…as makes no matter .

Swollen or over-large armaments: journalistic: from ca. 1880. ). bloated plutocrat, a . A rich man: Socialistic: C. 20; since ca. 1925, generally jocular. Literally, a plutocrat too proud or excessively pampered. blood and iron . This phrase (Blut und Eisen), ‘military force as opposed to diplomacy’, used by Bismarck in a speech delivered to the Diet in 1862, was taken up by Tennyson in his poem, A Word for the Country, thus: ‘Not with dreams, but with blood and with iron, shall a nation be moulded at last’; a cliché since ca.

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