By G. R. Berridge

Like all professions, international relations has spawned its personal really good terminology, and it's this lexicon which gives A Dictionary of international relations 's thematic backbone. even if, the dictionary additionally comprises entries on felony phrases, political occasions, overseas enterprises and significant figures who've occupied the diplomatic scene or have written influentially approximately it during the last part millennium. All scholars of international relations and comparable topics and particularly junior contributors of the numerous diplomatic companies of the area will locate this ebook indispensable.

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A term which would seem appropriate to describe the process of bombing an adversary in the hope of inducing sub- mission. The contemporary equivalent, perhaps, of nineteenth-century *gunboat diplomacy. See also coercive diplomacy. bottom line. The least for which a party to a *negotiation will settle; as far down as one can be pushed. See also sticking point. boudoir diplomacy. A manner of conducting business aspired to by certain ambassadors at courts where one or more women were influential, or where a queen or empress ruled, as for example in St Petersburg during the reign of Catherine II of Russia in the late eighteenth century.

A status which, under the traditional law of *war, may be accorded by *third parties to an insurgent group within a *sovereign state which as a matter of fact exercises such governmental authority over part of that state and wields such power as to suggest that the conflict has moved beyond the stage of a mere *insurgency. Thus it is a formal recognition of a new situation – one where a new de facto political authority has appeared, with which the recognizing state may need to communicate. However, it does not amount to a *recognition of the insurgent group as a legitimate government.

A common way of referring to the foreign ministry in Vienna of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, which was situated at Ballhausplatz 2. Today, the Austrian foreign ministry occupies the building. See also Kaunitz, Count Wenzel Anton von. ballon d’essai. In negotiation, a proposition floated tentatively to test the reaction of the other side, from the French envoyer un ballon d’essai (to send up a pilot balloon). See also flying a kite. Barbaro, Emolao (1454–1493). A Venetian scholar-diplomat who in 1490 was sent as resident ambassador to Rome, a key post in the *Venetian diplomatic service.

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