By Paula Ferris. Einaudi

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I There are various instances where the nasalization of the is lost after this rule: prewious vowel ll "y * nk * kica dahall + ll v*t * kica dahall G4) -r /yaxkica daha/ tyou have not forgotten 6. ll rrl# ll if,1 naki kide ll ust Zl-Z 'he sat untiy . i lf nk + 0 + kidusi + -+ + ff axkidusi + nill "ill /axkidus ni/ G3) 'I did not take it frorn hirn' L4t-27 But: l[ 7 . t,, + si + ni fl -r /kusi ni/ The dative marker ki 'he did not step in (see 7 43. 2) itr 7I-Z is subject to the following rule: ll ri ll -> rkiy r /_v .

Ande, the isr, there are no such rnorphophonemic clues to go on, and I have thus zz had to rnake sorrre adrnittedly arbitrary decisions in this regard. l and /anl . 200. In surn we will be using the following phonological inventory: ptck 11 ( d e sx ITI o? d,d c N wyh Of rnarginal status: b f S ZLO. The following rninirnal pairs support the above analysis: p pa rheadl rrl rrra I w wa rveryr t ti thousef c ci tthey lie down' s si ryellowt groundr 23 k ka( rwhenl xa( t where' h ha( I andr t tedi the is deadl d dedi rhe wentt d de rhe wentt ne the standsl rnaki ( rhe is lyrng downl naki 'he is sittingr wahe the cries outr v yahe 'this' w wa I ve h ha I ort ani rwate rr ane tlousel c ryr ha I hu fhe cornesl ko Inorninal particler ku rhe give sr orl z4 adi 'he clirnb ed' odi f he shott kiya ragainr kuya tunde ti rhousel tvi rrnedicinel rl >mdedike rthat way' >nxnrdike tloo s elYr rit fallsr ide d" ( dung, rnanuret ide t da 'he gathe r s' daL I 'he hold s dohi ranything rubbed dohi ( rhe seesr or srnearedl 300.

Rrini -+ thernr cha s e * ni + ni ll . /t"hiya ni/ (fern. ll r they rshe does not nill 'r /lcu ni/ ll + ku , lnoxe yuke dixya/ ni ll tel 'he never workst /katarni ni/ L66-20 One counter- exatrrple needs to be noted: ro. 'she wanted to hit hirn' ll + /tlte tel f[ tite * ll crcrll . " /kupani haye/ ha + ay + YEll + ll "" hay + I ca haye / ll 94-200 nk kiputt" ll + "v + + ll rg 'did you lose it? "y + ymhi ni ll + ll t"v + 1mx ni ll + /ka1mx ni/ 11. (8) Gl 'you do not thinkr I60-11 XV#Cy + XCy This optional rule deals with final vowel deletion in cornpound s.

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