By Steve Winter, Terry Philips

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The Night Parade (Forgotten Realms: Harpers Series, Book 4)

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This level is a vast temple dedicated to the evil drow goddess Lloth. fie@e e€ Ullaeraun Before the adventure can continue, the Dungeon Master should decide what each hero sees when exposed to the Eye of Vhaeraun. The magic of the €ye is such that every person sees the one item that he most wishes to possess. ” For example, no one will see it a s a castle, no matter how much he might long to possess one. fie Temple of Iilotlj When the heroes enter this temple, the Dungeon Master should read the following text aloud: ,A At this point, the trio at the other end of the room has probably not noticed them.

There is still &e matter of the boowray’s unknown master. If the boowray is captured, it is imprisoned in the town jail (area 1 ) . If the heroes attempt to interrogate the creature, it reveals very little about Loht’s insidious plan. Through any number of methods, the characters may be able to get some information from the boowray, though unusually cruel methods may require powers checks. By whatever means, the heroes should eventually be able to get the following statement from the boowray: 22l[gaft Given the realization that his daughter has become that which he has fought to destroy, Wyan falls into a crippling depression.

Almost certainly, they will believe that this is some manner of zombie rising to attack them. In actuality, this is not the case. Unlike Aroun, Eldrak is not dead. When the sirine tired of Aroun’s companion, she took delight in tormenting and torturing him for a time. When even that grew tiresome, the Lady of the Lake sealed him in this chamber and forgot about him. The Dungeon Master should provide the players with a few clues (like the mention of gasping breath in the boxed text) that allow them to figure out that Eldrak is not undead.

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