By Umar F. Moghul

This ebook explores how, via spirituality and the advance of personality, Islamic monetary associations and Muslim groups can combine their companies with modern social accountability tasks to provide optimistic social and environmental effect. From the looming environmental hindrance to the divide among mainstream and extremist interpretations of Islam, the ebook addresses major questions dealing with Muslim groups – and humanity – and demonstrates why Islam may still sit down ‘at the desk’ with different faiths and moral traditions discussing humanity’s nice hindrances. in contrast to present literature, this paintings explores the intersections among classical Islamic ethics and spirituality, modern Islamic finance and monetary markets, and choose sustainability and influence projects (such because the Equator ideas and UN rules of in charge funding) designed to make the worlds of industrial and finance answerable for the environments during which they function and the groups that aid them. Drawing on his years of expertise in Islamic banking, Moghul addresses those functions in gentle of real-world practices and dilemmas, demonstrating how Islamic agencies and Muslim groups should still embody the huge diversity of stakeholders countenanced by way of the Shari’ah in conversations that have an effect on them. via situating his exploration of Islamic finance within the mild of the a lot better severe problems with stability, justice, and moderation in Islamic praxis, Moghul creates an interdisciplinary publication that may attract teachers and researchers in economics, finance, company, govt and coverage, and law.

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