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Lord Jim (Webster's Spanish Thesaurus Edition)

This variation is written in English. besides the fact that, there's a working Spanish glossary on the backside of every web page for the more challenging English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous versions of Lord Jim. This variation will be invaluable if you'd like

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An Edo-English Dictionary

Edo, often known as Bini, is the language spoken through a few million humans in and round Benin urban in Nigeria. it's the lanuage of the previous Benin nation, recognized for its artwork.

There exist Edo-English dictionaries: this booklet and

* Melzian, Hans - A Concise Dictionary of the Bini Language of Southern Nigeria, 1937.

Other usefull books in LG for the coed of the Edo language are:

* Osayomwanbo Osemwegie Ero - Egirama Edo Nogbae (Intensive Edo Grammar), 2003
* Egharevba, Jacob - Itan Edagbon Mwen, 1972
* Ebohon, Osemwegie - Agbon-izeloghomwan Kevbe Ehengbuda, 1974

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Pleasantly: agréablement, de manière agréable, de façon agréable. respectfully: de manière respectueuse, de façon respectueuse. serene: serein, tranquille. shaft: arbre, fût, axe, puits, hampe, manche, timon, tige, brancard, puits de mine. smoothly: de manière lisse, de façon lisse, facilement. strangers: étrangers. terror: terreur, effroi. tranquilly: de manière tranquille, de façon tranquille. volley: torrent, volée, flot. Mark Twain 35 through a dangerous channel; they were on the alert constantly, and found their office no child’s play.

Undone: défait, annulé, défaites, défaite, défaits. whiskers: bavures fines, barbes, barbe, trichite, trichites, favoris, moustaches, monocristaux orientés. wrapped: enrobé. Mark Twain 27 This speech seemed to stun the King. His eyes wandered from face to face aimlessly, then rested, bewildered, upon the boy before him. ”% Tom was assisted to his feet, and approached the Majesty of England, humble and trembling. The King took the frightened face between his hands, and gazed earnestly and lovingly into it awhile, as if seeking some grateful sign of returning reason there, then pressed the curly head against his breast, and patted it tenderly.

Marvellously: de manière merveilleuse, de façon merveilleuse. meditation: méditation. mutter: murmurer, barboter, marmonner. nay: non. protests: proteste. shiver: trembler, frisson, frissonner. twinned: double, maclé. 38 The Prince and the Pauper yet, %who, being called prince by the king, prince by the court, prince by all, denied his dignity and pleaded against his exaltation? No! By the soul of St. Swithin, no! ” French denied: niai, nié, niâmes, nièrent, nia, niâtes, nias. dignity: dignité.

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