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Acquaint yourself with them. o Do any of these works catch my interest? o Would I like to see more paintings by one particular artist? Would I like to read more poems by one of the poets? Would I like to read one of the primary sources, like Darwin's Origin, more carefully than class time will allow? Do not simply look over these questions. If you expect to find a topic for your research paper that truly interests you, you must write out your answers to these questions. The questions are here to give you a place to start exploring, to discover that area of the course's subject matter that you want to pursue further on your own.

In your Researcher's Notebook, record questions that pop into your head. Write down assumptions that you are making about what you will find as you read further. Be particularly alert to any associations you find yourself making between this material and knowledge you already have. Once you have your research question/assumption, you are ready for the next step, which is to refine your assumption into a working hypothesis/thesis. D. STEP 4: FORMULATING YOUR WORKING HYPOTHESIS/THESIS Remember that the whole research process-the activities you will be engaged in during the coming weeks-is a process of testing assumptions that you are making now.

O What questions do I have now about the material? o What do I look forward to learning about? o Have any issues been raised in class that I want to pursue further? • Have I had any contact with this subject before? o Is the subject related to material I've studied in other classes? o Have I read about this material in magazines or newspapers? What have I learned? o Have I heard anything about the subject on the radio or TV? What have I heard? Step 3: Fonnulating Your Research Question/Assumption • 21 ---, o Has this subject come up in conversations I've had with others?

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