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It is determined by material physical characteristics and reflects the liquid wetting performance. In 1805, Young [2] introduced the mathematical concept of mean curvature of a surface, and derived the first correct approximation for the liquid column height h in circular capillary tube of small radius r immersed vertically in a large liquid bath: 2σ cosθ = ρgh , (1) r withσequal to liquid surface tension, g magnitude of the local gravitational accelerate, θ the contact angle inner the wall, ρ the density of liquid.

E. time-dependent kinetic parameters), the nucleation and growth modes can be determined [10]. For isothermal transformation, on the basis of Eqs. (1) and (2), the most popular methods to determine n and Q from f was proved to be practicable for the mixed nucleation modes, d ln xe d ln t = n( f ) d ln t f d (1 T ) = Q( f ) R (9a) (9b) The evolutions of n and Q with f are determined by the nucleation mode, and the variation range of n is determined by the growth mode. e. for mixed nucleation, Q decreases with f, whereas, for Avrami nucleation, Q increases with f (for the case of activation energy for nucleation QN smaller than activation energy for growth QG); the range of n values is between d/m to d/m+1, for volume-controlled growth, m=2 whereas, for interface-controlled growth, m=1.

1)109-118. [8] Liao Y ing qiang, L iu Yong qiong . Progressive Damage of C /C Composite Made by Axial Rod Method Under Axial Tension Load. 2011, (2):51-54. [9] Su Junming,Cui Hong,Su Zhean,et al. 2004,117(1):12-16. com Keywords: steelmaking; continuous casting; clean steel; hot metal pretreatment; secondary refining Abstract: The technology for clean steel production in modern steel plant is analyzed, a philosophy with production efficiency, manufacturing cost and product performance in its core.

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