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You will also solve equations where the coefficient of the variable is a fraction. Solving Equations Requiring More Than One Step You learned the basic steps needed to solve algebraic equations in the previous lesson, so now you’re ready to solve more complicated equations. These equations may require two or more steps. Remember that the basic rules for solving equations are: 1. What you do to one side of the equation, you must do to the other side. 2. You can add, subtract, multiply, or divide both sides of an equation by the same number.

Use the formula F = ma to solve problems 12, 13, and 14. F = force in Newtons m = mass in kilograms m a = acceleration in meters per second squared (ᎏsᎏ2) m 12. 8ᎏs2ᎏ)? 13. 8ᎏs2ᎏ)? 14. If a 50-kg mass exerts a force of 10,000 Newtons, how fast is it accelerating?

Abc ______35. 3(b + d) – 4a ______32. 2a + 3c ______36. 2c 2 + 4e ______33. 2(a + b) ______37. –(ᎏbᎏ + 5e) ______34. a(2b + c) ______38. 5(b + e)2 d Skill Building until Next Time To calculate your earnings for a week of work, you multiply the hours worked times the hourly wage. Write down how many hours you worked last week. At the end of this week, write down how many hours you worked this week. Use a variable to represent the hourly wage and write an algebraic expression to calculate your paycheck for the two-week period.

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