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When itinerant Mexican field workers' children attended rural schoolswhich was not oftenthey found that Anglo teachers and children often stereotyped them and denigrated their culture. During and after World War I, European immigrants faced draconian methods of assimilation to "American" ways in rural as well as urban schools. Gulliford quotes from O. E. " Reformers today who see the small rural school, controlled by the local community, as a model for restructuring public education now need to recall the issues of equity that the schools of the past did not solve.

School consolidation bitterly polarized rural communities and set neighbor against neighbor. The issues were not as simple as increased taxes and better schooling for children.

48-1984 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Gulliford, Andrew.  cm.  ) and index.  Rural schoolsUnited StatesHistory.  Title. 19'346'0973dc2096-3850 CIP Printed in the United States of America 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Page 3 Contents Note from Barbara Bush 5 Foreword to the Third Edition 6 Introduction to the Third Edition 9 Acknowledgments 15 Portfolio: America's Country Schools 18 Country School Legacy Country Schools in American Education 34 The Four Rs: Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Recitation 46 Teachers' Lives on the Western Frontier 62 Country Schools as Community Centers 78 Country Schools and the Assimilation Process 90 Country Schools Today 112 Portfolio: Country School Legacy 126 Country School Architecture Little Red Schoolhouses - and Others 158 Portfolio: Country School Architecture 196 Country School Preservation The New Three Rs: Restoration, Rehabilitation, Reuse 232 Case Studies 256 Country Schools by State 266 Bibliography 279 Sources of Information 289 Index of Schools 290 Page 4 Page 5 Note from Barbara Bush Some of us may picture the country schoolhouse of our nation's past as a quaint little building nestled in the woods and full of well-scrubbed children ready to learn.

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