By Philip Athans

Ryld Argith, guns grasp of Melee-Magthere, has informed for any eventuality and has chanced on himself no less than the equivalent of any foe he's but encountered. yet with the Spider Queen nonetheless not able or unwilling to recognize her fans, and with drow society perched on an ever weaker facet over an ever deeper chasm, Ryld will locate himself interested in a lady who's in flip interested in a goddess. And that goddess isn't Lolth. whilst his personal middle turns opposed to him, will he be guy adequate to stick with it, or drow sufficient to survive?" For the others, a trip throughout the unforgiving expanse of the never-ending Abyss awaits. on the finish of that trip they wish to discover Lolth herself. notwithstanding they've controlled to outlive the autumn of Ched Nasad, the demon-haunted ruins of delusion Drannor, and the vicious crafty of aboleth slave-masters, the Underdark is child's play in comparison to the chaotic infinity of the Demonweb Pits. They'll move there to discover the reality, yet may possibly locate simply Annihilation. The struggle of the Spider Queen comes domestic.

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Each night when he stopped to rest, Sorak opened the journal and read by his campfire for a while before he went to sleep. Reading the words of the Wanderer was almost like having a friendly and loquacious guide for his journey. Tonight, he planned to camp inside some castle ruins on a ridge. The crumbling walls would provide some measure of protection from the strong desert winds that struck the foothills. In the morning, he would proceed to Tyr. If he got an early start, he thought he would be able to reach the city by late afternoon or early evening.

An innkeeper might set aside a small, unobtrusive table in a corner and provide a bowl of gruel, with perhaps a few chunks of stale bread. It would be done grudgingly, however, for even if the innkeeper was in sympathy with the preservers, it would not do to be observed treating one with courtesy and kindness. Sorak was not villichi and could not expect even that kind of cursory treatment. If he had to remain in the city for any significant length of time, he would require money. That meant he would probably have to find some sort of work for which he would be paid.

In my youth, I knew such a king. His name was Alaron, and he was the very last of his line. "Alaron had no less than a dozen wives, yet he could sire a son with none of them. He had been cursed by Rajaat, the most powerful of the defilers, with a spell that made him sterile. Rajaat sought to destroy the kingdom of the elvish tribes, for they were a threat to him. He worked first to destroy the royal line of succession, then to sow discord among the tribes about whose right it would be to sit upon the throne when Alaron's rule had passed.

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