Expanded Services

Our ability to provide Custom Practices’ clients with a set of expanded services that can help your project is evidence of the knowledge, value and experience we bring as a partner. Examples of Expanded Services that we can provide to our clients include:
PERMITTING AND REGULATORY REVIEW –  We provide information on necessary paperwork and requirements of local jurisdictions. In cases when hired to do so, we can also take on the responsibility of obtaining all required documents and submitting to the required government agencies for permitting and approvals.
BIM (Building Information Modeling) and 3D MODELS/DESIGN –  Incorporating BIM practices/tools, and using industry leading technologies, we are able to offer our clients and partners project models, 3D design elements, virtual fly through of the design, and other elements that can give assurances of the look and function of the final product.
FINANCIAL PRO-FORMA –  Our experience and abilities allow us to assist our clients and perspective clients with a financial pro-forma during the concept phase of projects. This allows clients to more confidently plan project budgets and gives the ability to provide estimated project costs to lenders and financial advisors. 
CLOSEOUT PROCEDURES AND DOCUMENTS –  The project doesn’t end when we turn over the project to the client for move in. The client may need assistance and follow up. We make sure items such as warranties, lien releases, as-built drawings, finish schedules, equipment training, and service agreements, are all taken care of before we complete the job.