At Custom Practices we believe successful construction projects are the result of a well–defined and executed pre-construction plan. By establishing ourselves as an integral part of the project early on, and educating clients about construction throughout the process, we find we are able to leverage the full benefit of our expertise and better attain the budget and scheduling goals of the client. When working with the client, design professionals, engineers and other partners, these services can also help to avoid the pitfalls that may adversely affect a successful project.

We’ve had the opportunity to learn from every project we’ve been involved in and have developed an integrated set of services and protocols that individually, or collectively, are offered to our clients. These services precede actual construction and carry on throughout the entire evolution of each project, helping to provide value analysis, budget insight, accurate scheduling and the best use of your funds.

SITE ANALYSIS –  By visiting the site/space and checking for existing conditions that may affect costs or schedules, Custom Practices confirms that the site or space will allow and conform to the requirements of the project and the client’s expectations.

PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT – Custom Practices establishes communication with all team members that will be involved on your project (designers, architects, equipment providers, client staff, furniture providers, technology providers, etc) to ensure proper planning and to avoid surprises later in the project.

CONSTRUCTIBILITY REVIEW –  When reviewing design documents drawn by others, Custom Practices will verify the scope intended by the client is reflected accurately in the plans, and will clarify that details are consistent with industry practices.

FINISH SELECTIONS –  Custom Practices has the knowledge to help you select the finishes, flooring materials, lighting types, and plumbing fixtures that will look and function best in your facility. Our experience allows us to help you make informed decisions that create the environment you seek.

COST CONTROL –  Through our unique cost estimation tools we are able to verify that the project costs are consistent with the client’s budget, prior to finalizing design documents.

VALUE ENGINEERING –  Custom Practices can provide suggestions for cost savings through material selections, design options, and by soliciting information and pricing options from subcontractors and suppliers.

COMPREHENSIVE SCHEDULING SERVICES --  Custom Practices schedules the entire project, start to finish. By identifying key milestones, we are able to drive towards project completion in an organized and predetermined manner.