Custom Practices believes responsible actions and educated decisions are the key to work place safety. Personal safety skills are taught and consistently reinforced at all levels. We follow and encourage everybody related to the project incorporate OSHA standards, not only throughout the project, but during the planning of each persons role during the project.
While our ultimate intention of safety and safety education is to assure the people who work on, visit, or are affected by our project, are kept safe, we also understand that the client’s public perception and the client’s brand are aspects of the project that can be affected from day one of a project… and how the project is perceived by those around it or involved with it.
Elements that are used to enhance safety on Custom Practices construction projects include:
  • Site-Specific Safety Programs
  • Subcontractor Safety Reviews
  • OSHA training and First Aid/CPR training
  • Hazard Recognition Walks
  • Safety Meetings