Who We Are

Custom Practices, LLC’s intention is to be a partner to you and your company or business. We have a genuine desire to help you succeed and firmly believe a successful project that stays on time and within budget is a key facet in helping your business start successfully or continue to run without interruption. Our people, approach and experience provide your project with professionalism, resources and capabilities that other builders don’t provide.
Everybody should work and do business with honesty, integrity and professionalism. We rely on the people and clients who we have worked with to share their experiences about us.  Integrity, honesty and character are seen and evident during projects, not when stated on websites.
At the end of the day, it’s people who make the true difference on construction projects. At Custom Practices, we understand that people and their priorities, attitudes and behaviors create the environment around them. We in turn work to create an environment of team work while continuing to improve ourselves, our people, our subcontractors, our partner’s and their employees, by employing the following to our daily work routines:
  • Encourage and recognize innovation
  • Present opportunities to succeed
  • Provide rewards for success
  • Commit to work safely and provide quality
  • Be The Best Partner to each other, and the clients that put their trust in us.
We always look for ways to build better… for the client’s success,  for the project’s success, for our own success. Our goal is to progress as a means to find a better way to do everything. We continually improve our end product through the repetition of successful habits and perfecting our skills, while always looking for ideas and ways that will help us be even better tomorrow.
One of the ways we continue to improve our practices is to be students when we can learn, and be teachers when we can educate. We do so to improve ourselves and to make our clients, partners and industry better.
We like to think of ourselves as experts, and part of being  an expert is the ability to recognize we always have new things to learn. We’re experts because we take the time to figure out processes from start to finish and then execute the best practices to accomplish goals. By making better decisions, making those decisions quicker, and making decisions that add value to the project, we are able to use our expertise to provide better end products.
While our values are timeless, we embrace the construction industry’s challenges. Comprehensive services, quality assurances and proactive project teams help us surpass our client’s expectations time and time again. Projects will always have challenges, small or large, but how they are handled is what really separates Custom Practices from other contractors. Our business model and company culture are based on our acknowledgement that the satisfaction of our clients is the basis of our success.